Pianos Show and Setlist

thanks for coming down to Pianos, great crowd last night! heres a pic.


set I think was: photographs, redesign, bullet time, bad friday, the things we do, automated, sunsetting, hotel

happy holidays. see you on friday jan 6 at Union Hall.

i really need to update the banner image one day….

Stereo Off – Pianos Dec 20 2016

stereo off pianos


Stereo Off will be at Pianos this coming Tuesday the 20th of December.

More new stuff. Some other stuff. Details exist here.

With Ethan Piper and the Instigation, Upright man, No Nets, Aman the bone. 5 bands, 1 night. 8 dollars. That’s $1.60 per band. A Tuesday where you can pretend its Thursday. Because tis the season.

P.S.: Cheers to those that saw us at Bowery Electric the other day, good times.

Coverage of Sunsetting

Thanks to everyone with their recent coverage of Sunsetting: here’s a few new ones we have seen. Send us any more you find!

Turn Up that Volume: “So much to discover with every spin. And, yes, it feels like a nocturnal symphony made to soundtrack your trippy promenade with your lover in the city while the sun goes down. Music for romantics. Music for urban phantasies. Music with a healing force. ”

View the whole post at

“Stereo Off manages to take a compressed pop atmosphere and unravel it into a chromatic and circuital space for deconstructing their given influences.”

RARWriter – http://rarwriter.com/LinksNYC.htm
“This is had quite a dramatic impact on the nature of the Stereo Off sound, which based on this first single “Sunsetting” is rich and dark, like the Cowboy Junkies on Disco. It’s a cool sound.”

Newswhistle – Toptunes from around the worldnewswhistle.com/bruno-mars-feder-stereo-off-top-tunes-from-around-the-world/

They also interviewed us back in October, so if you missed that, check out http://newswhistle.com/they-come-to-rock-your-body-why-its-on-for-stereo-off/

Sunsetting Debut

New song! CLRVYNT reviews and debuts sunsetting which you can check out at http://clrvynt.com/stereo-off-sunsetting/

“Sunsetting’ is about jumping into or onto your vehicle of choice, picking up your lover and chasing the sunset together.”

Hit it up on instagram too – https://www.instagram.com/p/BMWfYm9D4cu/

Cheers to our guest Saxaphone player – James McElewaine

saxamaphone, saxamaphone, saxamaphone!

EP3 coming soon, its as certain as the new year. Loads of changes to come on the site, the lineup, the world, we’ve been working on it and now its ready for you.

The Things We Do – Music Video

Check out our new video for “The Things We Do” off of our 2nd EP, “The Long Hot Winter”.


With this video, we wanted to make it more of a background piece, something that fit with the music and feel of the song a bit more, and we hope it in fact enhances that a bit more. Unlike our other videos and many a sound-tracked video, this one has considerably much less characters to it for instance. However, there is a deeper story in itself about dreams of escapism yet being captivated by captivity.

Last but not least, much thanks to Justin for all the help filming it and letting me drag him to loads of locations around the city even after he thought the shots were all done.

Winter Film Awards 48 Hour Challenge Winners (Soundtrack by Stereo Off)

Winners were announced yesterday for the Winter Film Awards 2016, and the 48 hour challenge. By that we mean 48 hours to write a screenplay, assemble props, costumes and actors, rehearse, shoot, score and edit their film.

Team Deviant Children Production won the fan favorite award with the film above, and perhaps part of that was the soundtrack/credits by Stereo Off!? Either way, loads of congrats, cheers and thanks to Nicholas Ortiz, K Gaines and the team.