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Stereo Off formed in late 2012, around what began as a solo project by lead singer Sebastian, and evolved into a five piece indie rock band. Based in Brooklyn NY, the lineup includes Niall on bass, Steve on Guitar, drummer Darren, and Bridget on keyboards and strings. In 2013 the band worked on building a base following, while playing some of New York’s top venues, such as Knitting Factory and Glasslands. They also had music featured in various short films that made festivals around the US and have just finalized their debut EP in early 2014 (with a second one coming late Summer 2014).

Native to New York, the group members met through college friends and band mates on their other projects. Percussionist Darren Jones frequented a diaspora of live gigs and met the groups lead singer while working on technical consulting and audio engineering jobs together. They began auditioning guitar players when Steve volunteered, the lead guitarist and vocalist for the electro-folkpop duo Peculiar Gentleman.

Close friend Niall, who moved to New York from London in recent years, soon joined in to pursue music one more time after playing guitar in several UK and US based bands prior. After some of the earlier tracks, it wasn’t long before Niall began co-writing the guitar and bass parts for Stereo Off songs.

When Stereo Off needed a thicker sound for the stage, Bridget Fitzgerald joined, dabbling in analog synthesis and bringing her training in viola from the Juilliard Masters program. Desiring a change from the professional classical scene, she had recently began playing strings with post-punk aficionados Discovery, developing her unique discoViola chops which are evidenced in the moody string builds and arpeggios of Stereo Off’s newer songs.

While the New York and London combination is perhaps nothing new in this day and age, the band is unique in that most of the players are not wielding their go-to instruments most times, instead filling in where necessity and exploration in new sounds lead them.

The band’s first music video “Bullet Time” went live on May 31 2014 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3iKXf7_Nio – as well as new songs, more shows in the NY area, as well as shows down the East Coast and an ongoing digital marketing strategy to promote the band.

Stereo Off has also recently been used in short film music by indie film-makers Dead Red Eyes, while band members have also scored instrumental soundtracks for indie flicks such as “Kung Fu Bum”, which made Tribeca Film Festival in late 2013.

Find out more about the band at http://www.stereooff.com – while the EP is available at http://stereooff.bandcamp.com.
Recent gigs include: Glasslands, Knitting Factory & The Rock Shop and various NYC venues.

Recent mentions and reviews – http://www.stereooff.com/reviews

Contact us at info@stereooff.com for booking, reviews, press and to say hello.

III EP, The Long Hot Winter EP and EP5

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