and interview too

Feb 3 2017 – EP 3 Premiere.
“There are glimpses of Beach House (“Wolves”), Miami Horror (“Sunsetting”), and The xx (“Venir”) in Stereo Off’s artful new record. They’re absolutely in good company, but that’s not to say they don’t carve out their own place. On III, we see a band that’s grown comfortable in their sound, and is more than ready to continue contorting it.”

Jan 2017 – Interview w Popdust –

Venir Premier on BYT –

i Heart Moosiq – – “Venir in Spanish means to arrive, and Stereo Off have made one glorious arrival with their new tune, the second single from the NYC outfit’s EP III, due out February 3rd.”

Joy of Violent Movement –

Music Emission –

Dec 2016 – – “This is had quite a dramatic impact on the nature of the Stereo Off sound, which based on this first single “Sunsetting” is rich and dark, like the Cowboy Junkies on Disco. It’s a cool sound.”

Nooga –
“On their recent single, “Sunsetting,” the band turns their electro indie rock hybrid into a full-fledged synthetic pop assault, the kind that mashes genres and influences into a dense mass of raw energy, new wave lightning and dense melodies. ”

Nov 2016 (Sunsetting single release) –
“Sebastian Marciano’s voice melting like chocolate into the background while trumpets and synthesizers tap out sounds in the background to create a danceable and immaculate track”

New Wave Jam From Stereo Off

” the sleek vocals kick in and you get a full on groove going”
“Entrancing, groovy sax number.”
“a nocturnal symphony made to soundtrack your trippy promenade with your lover in the city while the sun goes down. Music for romantics. Music for urban phantasies. Music with a healing force.”

Bruno Mars – Feder – Stereo Off – Top Tunes From Around The World

“Enjoy the rise of Stereo Off and their tune “Sunsetting”!”

Podcast mix feature on

Apr 2016 – interview with By Oath –!stereo-off/kyr7y

Feb 2016 Scatter Radio:

Jan 2016 – Popdose review of THLW EP: – “The Long Hot Winter is five songs of diversity, melody and some of the best production standards I’ve heard in years”

Dec 2015 – Sebastian interviews with Voice Council:

Dec 2015 – Audio Fuzz features Automated –

Nov 2015: Indie Rock Cafe’s 7 bands you’ve gotta hear! – – “sharp, catchy riff-friendly tracks that straddle the line between experimental guitar rock and dance-friendly synth sounds”

Nov 2015: Interview with Black on the Canvas:

Oct 2015 Pens Eye View:

Uncanny Pop: The trifecta of review, preview and interview completed, cheers to the bubbly crew at Uncanny Pop: – “Stereo Off’s EP is eclectic, vibrant, and awesome.” 5/5 rating. Thanks!

Sept 2015: Uncanny Pop: – featuring Automated off the EP and interviews the band.

Thinking Lyrically – “Stereo Off have made a strong EP here, with some big beats, huge hooks which definitely want you to keep the stereo on”

Turn up that volume – Mention on

Aug 2015 PopWrapped –

The Joy of Violent Movement – – “the EP’s first single “Hotel Mirror” reflects not just a band drawing from deeper influences but a band that’s gone through a decided change of sonic direction”

July 2015 – Cheers to Chad Werner at NewsWhistle: – “if you are a music fan in NYC, make the effort, party people.”

Thanks again to the General –
“Essential Summer listening.”

End of 2014 Top 10’s / Best of’s, that sort of thing – Remy’s Film and Music Blog –
Record Rewind Play –

Dec 2014 – As fans of the drink, we’re talking Whisky!

November 2014 – Exclaim! – Hotel Mirror preview
and mentions on

Oct 2014 – SIMGE – W/CMJ Clip –

October 2014 – Voice Magazine / Athabasca University – – “The Clash, Arctic Monkeys, Buggles, Daft Punk, and David Bowie all rolled into one”

Sept/Oct 2014 – Finalist in Coney Island Film Festival & NY Indie Film Festival, two major NYC based fests – with our Bullet Time video – and

Sept 2014 – Neet Beat – photos/interview at live show in Spike Hill and – part of the podcast mix.

August 2014 – Remy’s Music and Film Blog / Ireland based Remy’s did an interview with the band and a review of the EP “The New York E.P. by Stereo Off has to be one of the most diverse sounding releases I’ve heard in a long, long time, and it keeps you hooked in from start to finish as a result.”… along with a request to get us loads of beers and a trip to Dublin.

August 2014 – Gadfly Magazine – “Beating its way into your heart with its jazzy drums, and grungy guitar and vocals, Stereo Off’s first single “Bullet Time” is just simply awesome”

August 2014 – Impose Magazine this Week in Pop – scroll down a bit to see the video. “It’s an amalgam of everything pertaining to ‘what New York used to be’ but with a DFA soul that sympathizes with the indie dance revolutions of the oughts”.

Aug 2014 – video mention from UK based “Fame Magazine” on

July 2014 – EP review from Sonic Eclectic –

Video mentions:
along with

July 2014 – Interview with 24ourMusic – “What started out as a single effort rapidly progressed into a five-piece band with members comparable to five-star chefs doing fusion cuisine, each bringing something of value to the table.”

July 2014 – Blast Out Your Stereo –

June 2014 – A Music Blog Yea? “getting cozy with” intro the band type piece –

June 2014 – Replicant Ears – EP Review – “This EP is definitely worth picking up, I’ve had it on repeat for days.”

June 2014 – 24OurMusic – “Stereo Off: Those Sexy Devils” – 9.8 out of 10 on the review also! –

June 2014 – MusikFace – Video featured on homepage and at –, as well as on several other sites, such as and

May 2014 – Musings of a Music fan –

May 2014 – Video Review – Zambah sessions with Khan and CJ –

May 2014 – “Who To Listen To” featured artist at

April 2014 – Top pick on – Shut your fucking face and listen – “Stop sleeping on Stereo Off” – mini review and loads of potty mouth.

April 2014 – A Great White With A Blindfold: What Unsigned Brooklyn Band Is Sharpening Its Teeth – Newswhistle – Interview and article.

April 2014 -EP review on The Equal Ground

March 2014 EP review from The General –

March 2014 – A mention of the EP on Shout It Loud Reviews

March 2014 – Zambah blog’s “Rock Pick” –

March 2014 – EP review from White Noise in March –

Feb 2014 – Indie News Now (EP Review) 9 out of 10 rating in Feb 2014 –

Feb 2014 – EP review by Aural Press –

Interview Feb 2014 –

Jan 2014 EP review –

May 2013 – The Rock Shop (review by The Dean’s List) –

Knitting Factory (review of our first show) –

III EP, The Long Hot Winter EP and EP5

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