Weekend Updates – Beside The Photo Shoot

Hey Everyone, just wanted to drop the usual updates. We had a great photo shoot on the weekend, looking forward to getting some high quality band photos in order to get the word out. Much thanks to Deneka Peniston and Brian Morris Gallery.

As for other updates, we have a triple header this weekend.

Awesome write up from The General at http://thegeneralmusic.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/stereo-off-ny-ep5.html, tagged “fucking excellent” and mentioned Photographs as “a fantastic indie-pop slice of heaven” and Bullet Time as “the sort of track that really benefits from being blasted loudly and with the bass turned up“. Nice one! Just read the blog, because the general is always right.

Cheers also for the quick round up and a mention of the EP on Shout It Loud Reviews – which can be seen at http://www.shoutitloudreviews.com/index.php/music-news/item/334-stereo-off-stereo-off-ny-ep5-ep-review

And to cap off the weekend. If you are in the UK, listen on Monday 7pm – 8pm for Stereo Off on Temporary Noise Radio at http://myradiostream.com/temporarynoiseradio

More to come soon, thanks.