Another round up of stuff

Well, it was a long week, but still. Here’s the stereo roundup. Got invited to Transmission Thursdays down at Hotel Chantelle which the whole band was unable to make gig wise, but a couple of us got put on the list and checked it out anyway. Place was packed due to fashion week, but good fun nonetheless.

Also, in the running for band of the week at Flowers in a Gun – a NYC based blog that is well worth the read and covers loads of new bands too. Hopefully some home town votes will get us on there next week.

There’s a couple more QA’s and reviews coming live soon, but as we’ve learned, these sites have quite a waiting list at times, so we are going to try and sort out a few more as we wait. We had to work on explaining the band a bit better, so came up with this picture – hope that helps. The next hurdle to jump is answering the what bands influence you / what bands you sound like. I’ve started to remember what other people have said so far, as well as some of the bands I listen to now, but that answer changes all the time (plus aren’t we technically supposed to generate our own style and sound?). Either way, have a listen and let us know what you think.