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Winter Film Awards 48 Hour Challenge Winners (Soundtrack by Stereo Off)

Winners were announced yesterday for the Winter Film Awards 2016, and the 48 hour challenge. By that we mean 48 hours to write a screenplay, assemble props, costumes and actors, rehearse, shoot, score and edit their film.

Team Deviant Children Production won the fan favorite award with the film above, and perhaps part of that was the soundtrack/credits by Stereo Off!? Either way, loads of congrats, cheers and thanks to Nicholas Ortiz, K Gaines and the team.

48Z – 2016 Winter Film Awards

Check out Stereo Off in the sound track to 48Z, an entrant in the 2016 WINTER FILM AWARDS in which you had 48 hours to make a film. Directed by Nicholas Ortiz and featuring K. Gaines, among a cast of great characters. Check it out and vote at

The summary: “What would YOU do if you were randomly assigned a film genre, a quote about being annoying in NY and had a one-hour permit to shoot in Grand Central Station? Could you make an awesome short film in 48 hours?”

Zombies! Photographs! Stereo Off! Cast your vote on Youtube today.

Bullet Time – Music Video from Stereo Off

Here is our first music video – Bullet Time, off of our first EP “Stereo Off New York EP5, aka, SONY EP5”.

Let us know what you think and thanks for all the likes and comments already. Cheers to for the making of and directing and thanks to all the people that helped out, acted in, let us use apartments, bars, etc.

The video is a bit of an homage to retro NYC circa the 70’s and 80’s perhaps, or at least that’s the vibe we were going for. In true low-budget indie spirits we were involved from creating the plot and story line, all the way down to going through all the takes and amends (in fact, our bassist even did the video editing on this) to final cuts, which is frankly as DIY as it gets.

Sebastian Acting in Short Film by Dead Red Eyes

While we wait for the music video to come out after the Memorial Day weekend. Here’s Sebastian in a short film called “The Goon and The Dangler” from Dead Red Eyes.  The film itself was for a contest where teams had to meet certain criteria in under 3 minutes.

Find out more about how that worked at – but in the meantime check the short film out:

It features Stereo Off soundtracks in the background.



Stereo Off Music Featured in Short Film

Watch it over at or on YouTube.

Stereo Off did the whole soundtrack to “An Idiots Guide – On How Not To Be an Idiot” a short film shot in North Carolina this summer with Dead Red Eyes.

Four of our songs are featured in random parts of the short film (bullet time, effectual, bad friday, the thrill), see if you can spot them. One of the band members makes an appearance in the background at times too.

Stereo Off (On Audio and Visual) at Bowbarr in Carrboro, North Carolina on Sunday Sept 22

If you happen to be in NC currently, check out Bowbarr at 705 W. Rosemary Street, Carrboro, NC 27517

Not only is it a great bar, but they are doing a screening of a couple of short films by Dead Red Eyes tonight (Sunday the 22nd of September), including the premiere of “An Idiot’s Guide on How Not to Be an Idiot“.

Stereo Off is featured in most of the bar’s backing music and soundtrack for the overall flick is mostly made up of our songs and outtakes. One of us makes an occassional appearance in it also (good luck finding it though).

Check it out if you’re in the area, and when the film goes online, we’ll link it up here too.