48Z – 2016 Winter Film Awards

Check out Stereo Off in the sound track to 48Z, an entrant in the 2016 WINTER FILM AWARDS in which you had 48 hours to make a film. Directed by Nicholas Ortiz and featuring K. Gaines, among a cast of great characters. Check it out and vote at https://www.youtube.com/embed/yEk3fVm1-X8?rel=0

The summary: “What would YOU do if you were randomly assigned a film genre, a quote about being annoying in NY and had a one-hour permit to shoot in Grand Central Station? Could you make an awesome short film in 48 hours?”

Zombies! Photographs! Stereo Off! Cast your vote on Youtube today.

Stereo Off: Radio On – ScatterRadio Channel Debut

scatter radio

Much thanks to Jen, Keith and the team at ScatterRadio – We’ve created a new channel on ScatterRadio called “Stereo Off – Radio On” and while we’ve kicked off with the 2 EPs, we’re also going to be putting some exclusive content, interviews, and more. The concept is a mix of social and audio, perfect for the current listener who wants a blend of radio beyond just the songs, and personalisation to match you tastes.

Start listening to Stereo Off’s radio station at: https://www.scatterradio.com/station/201602102/stereo-off-(radio-0n) and records your own topics and replies on the air (and on line).

And read the article about our debut at:

Automated – featured in Audio Fuzz


Thanks to Audiofuzz for the mention on “Hot Music For Cold Cruising Days: Stereo Off – “Automated” http://audiofuzz.com/hear/hot-music-for-cold-cruising-days-stereo-off-automated/

“This is another great song from Stereo Off. From the pulsating bass (something out of Heaven 17) to the glistening keyboards (think Duran Duran with keyboards accented) to guitar riffs (Echo and the Bunnymen) to that heavenly voice of Sebastian soaring high above it all.” Well, that covers it then. Now listen to it at https://soundcloud.com/stereo-off/automated