Thanks Everyone

Great night on Friday at the Rock Shop.

There are some great quality pics over here though – – courtesy of one of Crazy Pills friends I believe….

Had an awesome time with DJ KGB, Auto Bonfire & Crazy Pills, a great bunch, who all sounded brilliant whether on stage or via the speakers. The Rock Shop was solid as always, and we were able to play the following set:

Mi6 / Bullet Time / The Thrill / That Friday / Supercooler / Wait Again / Something’s Happening / Effectual / Highlight Fadeout / Photographs

However, the biggest gamble for us was due to the keyboard breaking earlier in the week (it fell out of its case whilst being carried and got smashed on the concrete sidewalk, lost a couple keys, etc). So instead of borrowing a keyboard from someone else, or just playing a couple of songs with the viola, we (or should I say Bridget) decided to play the viola on all songs. Sounded great though!

See you in a few weeks at the Paper Box.