EP Review from Aural Press

Aural Press – an independent blog based in the UK – http://auralpress.wordpress.com/2014/02/20/ep-review-stereo-off-ny-ep5-by-stereo-off/ gave our EP a great review this week. Much thanks to them. Check the overall blog out, its relatively new but starting to cover some good bands that you have and haven’t heard of.

More to come soon. Gotta start saving a copy of these things, as I know things don’t stay online forever (contrary to popular belief). We’re continuing to look at building coverage from the ground up via social media – so why not give this Twitter thing a look and follow us on https://twitter.com/stereooff for some band updates.

Gotta admit though, some of the Twitter stuff is odd. And what’s with all these bands doing auto-replies. Especially funny when the autoreply asks how did you find them, when they actually followed you first. Imagine that in real life.

Person 1: Um, good to meet you, how did you know about me?
Person 2: Well, you been walking behind me for a bit now.