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Another Week of Hibernating. And Reviews!

Without getting too technical, and most of you on WordPress blogs can attest to this, but every time I login I see loads of new comments awaiting approval. Sadly its mostly salesy/spammy comments being submitted. Actually found a legit one in the pile from a little while ago and didn’t know what to do with it.

Anyway, still hibernating in the studio as we get ready for EP2 and back on the stage at a venue near you (Assuming you are near us). But in the mean time, some great new updates, such as this review from Indie News Now at– which gave us a 9/10 and reminded them “so much of David Byrne that it sends me right back to that era.” That was really cool to hear and thanks for reviewing us. Glad you liked the EP and hopefully you stay tuned in the coming months.

I was back and forth on using Twitter for the band, as its full of junk and bands auto-replying with messages. But if you dig through, there are some great ways to find new music and new blogs, sites, etc and connect with those looking for that new unsigned band that no one knows yet, as opposed to being “that band” who just pesters strangers.

As a result, we’ve started to get some nice mentions and places tweeting or referring us to their readers, whether from other zines/blogs like or a random hotel in LA – so wanted to start mentioning some of these too.

Being a new unsigned band (in New York, a city of thousands of unsigned indie bands!) trying to get some traction out there, “getting the word out” has been the goal while staying warm this winter. Hopefully more where that came from next week, as its been a few weeks in a row now. That and a confirmed gig date for the spring time, which I’m certainly ready for (springtime and next gig that is).

EP Review from Aural Press

Aural Press – an independent blog based in the UK – gave our EP a great review this week. Much thanks to them. Check the overall blog out, its relatively new but starting to cover some good bands that you have and haven’t heard of.

More to come soon. Gotta start saving a copy of these things, as I know things don’t stay online forever (contrary to popular belief). We’re continuing to look at building coverage from the ground up via social media – so why not give this Twitter thing a look and follow us on for some band updates.

Gotta admit though, some of the Twitter stuff is odd. And what’s with all these bands doing auto-replies. Especially funny when the autoreply asks how did you find them, when they actually followed you first. Imagine that in real life.

Person 1: Um, good to meet you, how did you know about me?
Person 2: Well, you been walking behind me for a bit now.

Another round up of stuff

Well, it was a long week, but still. Here’s the stereo roundup. Got invited to Transmission Thursdays down at Hotel Chantelle which the whole band was unable to make gig wise, but a couple of us got put on the list and checked it out anyway. Place was packed due to fashion week, but good fun nonetheless.

Also, in the running for band of the week at Flowers in a Gun – a NYC based blog that is well worth the read and covers loads of new bands too. Hopefully some home town votes will get us on there next week.

There’s a couple more QA’s and reviews coming live soon, but as we’ve learned, these sites have quite a waiting list at times, so we are going to try and sort out a few more as we wait. We had to work on explaining the band a bit better, so came up with this picture – hope that helps. The next hurdle to jump is answering the what bands influence you / what bands you sound like. I’ve started to remember what other people have said so far, as well as some of the bands I listen to now, but that answer changes all the time (plus aren’t we technically supposed to generate our own style and sound?). Either way, have a listen and let us know what you think.

Demo Track Update Feb 2014

Hey, speaking of pushing things along, here’s another demo in progress.

Check out updates and other outtakes on our Facebook page too at

Stay tuned for more demos and info as we put the tracks together for the next round. And of course, scroll to the right and currently round 1 is posted on our page. Let us know what you think.

The Next Six or so Months

Every band member of Stereo Off has been in previous bands – a couple of them are in multiple bands as we speak. And it can be a lot of work when you’re not 19 any more. But we all believe that it is going to be “that” time this time, whatever time that may be and whatever that even means. However, for new bands out there it can be a lot of hard work. This digital age makes it easy to make music and get your music heard. Which is wonderful. Gone are the days of only knowing about a set amount of bands or the hurdles you have to jump to get bands on mass market Vinyl, or in the hey-days of CD whenever that was (perhaps the 90s?). Now everyone can get out there. The negative factor is the same thing really. Everyone is out there!

As a result its more important to play to ones strengths. I’m probably breaking some rule here, but we are not the next big name band that’s going to go platinum and tour the world for life, as much as I’d (and hopefully we’d) love to be. But I do want to try and write more about how it is out there because that’s exactly what bands do not seem to do, though that is also less and less a boundary these days as well.

The band started in 2012, with just a few songs, gradually building into 2013 where we played a fair few gigs around New York, reminding me of all the things I loved and loathed about such nights. But it was frustrating to push things along. In the early days, you can bank on your friends going to your gigs, but the new faces need to show up sooner rather than later. To get a great venue spot, you need to really have a good following and some releases out there. That said, I think (like all bands I’ve been in prior) we’ve been able to punch over our weight there, blagging some of my favorite NYC venues, even with some recent turn outs being a little on the down side (another thing bands aren’t allowed to admit – though in our defense, still doing pretty well). However, in Jan 2014 we finally got our first EP recorded and printed out. It was cool to get this parcel in the mail, but at the same time, not quite the shiver you’d feel if you saw it in a store (though I guess these days, finding a store stocking CDs is just as rare!).

That was one consistency though. Whether a band now or a few years back, whether it was getting on Facebook or MySpace, you needed to get the word out, PR, Radio, Podcasts, Reviews, etc. And you can’t do that without anything recorded. But now we have no excuse. We’re here with EP1 and ready with enough songs to make EP2 and EP3 pretty soon, and we’re hoping to time that and our music video, along with getting coverage, reviews, etc, all in a way that a wave will start to hit. Not that I’m putting an exact time-line on it, but the next six or so months will be key. For those that know me, I spent many years on the other side of the Atlantic seeing bands come and go much faster than over here. Nowadays its full speed on both sides. Are you in?

Weekend Update, But not the SNL thing

Hey, just wanted to update things here as we work on getting the word out.

Cheers to Your Music News for the review and thanks for those following as we try and get our FB act together (much overdue work on our part perhaps) and push that new EP which we just received in the mail – its available to play on the right hand column of this site too.

Time to wind down though, perhaps un-plug for the weekend? Here’s an unplugged take of one of our newer tracks post-EP.

Stereo Off EP Tracks

Photographs / Bullet Time / Effectual / The Thrill / MI6. All available below.

Stereo off at Glasslands – Saturday dec 21

Looking forward to this Saturday, as we will be at Glasslands in Brooklyn.

Info and Tickets here:

Starts at eight pm, so start your Xmas holiday festivities right and get in the spirit on sat December 21st. We’ll be in holiday spirits and celebrating our first EP finally being done, as its off at the printers now.

Also with “The lovely” and “Guess and check”. Two great bands we know and recommend. Show starts at 8, we are on just after 9. See you there.

Glasslands is at 289 Kent Ave Brooklyn, NY 11249, near the river. Nearest train is Bedford Ave on the L.

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