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Weekend Update: Photos Ready, Video Edits, Reviews & Mentions

Its been a busy couple weeks for the band, we’ve finalised our photos and a couple of them are now on the site. We can also provide a full EPK on request. Here’s one for now.

And of course more to come on the FB page. In the meantime, the music video is ready!!!! – much thanks to everyone that helped us the past two weeks, everyone that stood in even when they had no idea what the scene would be about and just let someone say “ok, put on this make up”. Now all that needs to be done is some final editing and mixing and we’ll have it live soon.

In the meantime, here’s some more press, reviews and mentions about the band:

“SYFFAL” (Shut Your Fuckin Face And Listen) –
Joel “says STOP SLEEPING on Stereo Off”, thanks for the props and putting us top of that list!

“Who To Listen To” uses some of the press kit to put us as a featured artist at

Names of the sites seem to drop a hint overall….. thanks everyone, more to come soon.

Down By The River – Music Video Shoots, Reviews & More

Busy weekend for the band as we start finalizing the photo shoot takes from the previous weekend, in the meantime moving on to the music video shoots. The picture above is a hint. Its old school. Its black and white.

So the weekend update had to wait a couple days as we were out and about, but another week, and some more coverage. Newswhistle put together an awesome piece and interview with the band at A Great White With A Blindfold: What Unsigned Brooklyn Band Is Sharpening Its Teeth. Citing a mix of 80’s bands and recent NYC bands of much hype. Quote: “this band is moving fast towards golden indie shores”. Nice one. You can also find 3 of the Non-EP tracks on that article too.

And then moving back to the EP itself, a bonus review this week that nearly flew under my radar, from the Equal Ground.

“the most eclectic electronic sounds with the most down to earth rock tones and crashes them together to create an enthralling experience” & “This is cool! Seriously cool!”. Thanks to both sites for the coverage, reviews and interviews.

So not a bad weekend after all. Still plenty of work to do on the video though…. couple more sessions in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Rock Music Pick From Zambah Music App Site

Slightly belated update as the weekend was busier than expected, but still keeping the weekly update streak semi alive.

Check out Stereo Off’s review at – and if in a band, Zambah is a music app that aims to connect independent artists with bands. Not sure how it works yet, but we’ll give their beta a shot.

Glad the team and Zambah enjoyed the EP. Loving this quote in particular (regarding the “effectual” song):
“If you’re not dancing when this song come on then something is clearly wrong with you.”

Thanks for the review! Good way to start the spring, and hey the snow is finally gone. Time to shoot a video then.

Check out other past reviews on

Another Week of Hibernating. And Reviews!

Without getting too technical, and most of you on WordPress blogs can attest to this, but every time I login I see loads of new comments awaiting approval. Sadly its mostly salesy/spammy comments being submitted. Actually found a legit one in the pile from a little while ago and didn’t know what to do with it.

Anyway, still hibernating in the studio as we get ready for EP2 and back on the stage at a venue near you (Assuming you are near us). But in the mean time, some great new updates, such as this review from Indie News Now at– which gave us a 9/10 and reminded them “so much of David Byrne that it sends me right back to that era.” That was really cool to hear and thanks for reviewing us. Glad you liked the EP and hopefully you stay tuned in the coming months.

I was back and forth on using Twitter for the band, as its full of junk and bands auto-replying with messages. But if you dig through, there are some great ways to find new music and new blogs, sites, etc and connect with those looking for that new unsigned band that no one knows yet, as opposed to being “that band” who just pesters strangers.

As a result, we’ve started to get some nice mentions and places tweeting or referring us to their readers, whether from other zines/blogs like or a random hotel in LA – so wanted to start mentioning some of these too.

Being a new unsigned band (in New York, a city of thousands of unsigned indie bands!) trying to get some traction out there, “getting the word out” has been the goal while staying warm this winter. Hopefully more where that came from next week, as its been a few weeks in a row now. That and a confirmed gig date for the spring time, which I’m certainly ready for (springtime and next gig that is).