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Weekend Update: Photos Ready, Video Edits, Reviews & Mentions

Its been a busy couple weeks for the band, we’ve finalised our photos and a couple of them are now on the site. We can also provide a full EPK on request. Here’s one for now.

And of course more to come on the FB page. In the meantime, the music video is ready!!!! – much thanks to everyone that helped us the past two weeks, everyone that stood in even when they had no idea what the scene would be about and just let someone say “ok, put on this make up”. Now all that needs to be done is some final editing and mixing and we’ll have it live soon.

In the meantime, here’s some more press, reviews and mentions about the band:

“SYFFAL” (Shut Your Fuckin Face And Listen) –
Joel “says STOP SLEEPING on Stereo Off”, thanks for the props and putting us top of that list!

“Who To Listen To” uses some of the press kit to put us as a featured artist at

Names of the sites seem to drop a hint overall….. thanks everyone, more to come soon.