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Put Us On Your Mixtape

Helloooooooooooo everyone. Just a quick update on Stereo Off coverage in-between the two film festivals we are doing. Seeing songs get on various mix tapes around the web. Hopefully they’ll have room for more when our new EP (recording in progress) is out.

Much thanks to: – Great mix overall too, all on one 60 minute mega track that you can download.

Demo track of the week…by default

For this week, another new track we’re working on is tentatively called “Bad Friday”, though likely to get a different name when we’ve tidied it up. Still, figured I’d keep putting these tracks up as we put them together. And yes, that’s a drum machine for now, but hopefully soon we’ll record it in the studio with everyone.

[audio:|titles=Bad Friday (demo)|artists=stereo off]

And this is opposed to the better Fridays’ that usually come act as a day off, or even the movie (was it a trilogy?). In a past life, the logo from Stereo Off had an acting career. Here’s one of the cameo appearances it made, sitting besides Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.

Yeah I went there.

Interlude And An Instrumental

Working on new tracks. Here’s an instrumental cut of one of the songs being put together this month.

Passports, Campari, Instrumental… – [audio:|titles=Passports (instrumental demo)|artists=stereo off]

Studio Tracks

Working on the site as we speak.  In the meantime, here are some tunes….

Bullet time –  [audio:|titles=bullet time|artists=stereo off]

Photographs  – [audio:|titles=photographs|artists=stereo off]

For The Thrill – [audio:|titles=for the thrill|artists=stereo off]

MI6  – [audio:|titles=MI6|artists=stereo off]

Effectual – [audio:|titles=effectual|artists=stereo off]