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Demo track of the week…by default

For this week, another new track we’re working on is tentatively called “Bad Friday”, though likely to get a different name when we’ve tidied it up. Still, figured I’d keep putting these tracks up as we put them together. And yes, that’s a drum machine for now, but hopefully soon we’ll record it in the studio with everyone.

[audio:|titles=Bad Friday (demo)|artists=stereo off]

And this is opposed to the better Fridays’ that usually come act as a day off, or even the movie (was it a trilogy?). In a past life, the logo from Stereo Off had an acting career. Here’s one of the cameo appearances it made, sitting besides Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.

Yeah I went there.

Interlude And An Instrumental

Working on new tracks. Here’s an instrumental cut of one of the songs being put together this month.

Passports, Campari, Instrumental… – [audio:|titles=Passports (instrumental demo)|artists=stereo off]

Live takes

And some early takes from some small room in Brooklyn….

Photographs (live) – [audio:|titles=photographs (live)|artists=stereo off]

MI6 (live) – [audio:|titles=mi6 (live)|artists=stereo off]

Bullet Time (live) – [audio:|titles=bullet time(live)|artists=stereo off]

Wait Again (live) – [audio:|titles=wait again(live)|artists=stereo off]