Knitting Factory Brooklyn Show – Stereo Off


Thanks for those that stayed in town for the holiday weekend and hope you all got the 2nd EP (some people have told me they were never offered one, do let me know if thats the case). Personally I like having a bit more space in the city, but hey. Cheers to Vivid Dreams for a great set and rocking it out. Jeers to that small group that saw the error sign and said in a prudish voice “Stereo and Vivid Dream, who would want that, no thank you”. Note: Knitting Factory wrote the bands name wrong on the chalkboard, hence us minus the “off” and the other band in the singular.

More pics to come soon. Set list was…. photographs, redesign, bullet time, bad friday, supercooler, the things we do, automated, sunsetting, hotel mirror.