Another Brooklyn Venue Bites The Dust – WTF

Hey, what is going on in Brooklyn these days? Another venue we played in over the past year and enjoy going to has closed, and that’s about the sixth time it happened in recent months.

First Glasslands (where we played a year or so ago) closed to become Vice Magazine owned (they also took Death by Audio), then Spike Hill (where we played a few weeks prior to its closing) is shut. Then more recently I go to Brooklyn Night Bazaar, only to find the next week that BMW is buying that space and thus that space – which was a great setup – is now gone, and then the other day I end up going for a beer in Trash (where we also played a few months back) and find out that’s closing in a couple weeks. Don’t forget Goodbye Blue Monday (where Bridget’s other band played prior to its closing). That’s six venues, gone…… am I missing something here? Yes, I know some new ones have come up since, but not as many.

Anyway, end of rant, bring us some new Brooklyn venues to play (or Queens for that matter!). The person on the image below is not the one ranting by the way, but here’s a pic from our Spike Hill show.