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Arlene’s Grocery Not Acme Underground

This pic below is not Acme Underground, but whatever happened to that place? Used to be one of the NYC key venues, but long closed I guess. Does that make me old. Should I tell people about shows at Coney Island High? Or going to Tramps NYC?

Anyway, we’ll be at Arlene’s Grocery on Friday, December 28th, 10pm sharp. More info to come soon.

And as for Acme Underground. Its been re-incarnated as a restaurant and cocktail bar! What the?!

Stereo Off at Pianos – Setlist

Thanks to all those who came out on a damp Monday night to see us at Pianos. I know I would have struggled to be out on a Monday night like last night, with day job making me pay the price this morning, so we do appreciate the support. Anyway, more pictures and videos to come soon.

Set list for the show at Pianos on Monday, December 10th was as follows:

Bullet Time
The Thrill
Wait Again
Something Happening (video below)
LA Dreaming

See you later in the month.

The Things We Do

Yeah I know I shouldn’t put up all the “works in progress”. And I’ve been advised otherwise. But I really like this one. Even if its the instrumental version without vocals.

[audio:|titles=The Things We Do (inst)|artists=stereo off]

See you Monday. We’ve also now got another show confirmed for later in December.

Hurricane Sandy Delays

Hey, its been a while since we posted. Mainly due to the events last week, where some of us, and our close friends were disconnected, flooded, stranded with no transit or gas, and/or surrounded by things like this:

Hope you and everyone you know are ok. We had no choice but to postpone a couple of things, and even the area where we rehearse is a bit off limits at this point, but hopefully back on track soon.

Photographs – Live Clip from Knitting Factory

Been a busy couple weeks, but here’s another clip from the last show (Photographs). Not sure if the static is from putting an iPhone clip on a PC, but that’s another story.

More to come soon including a handful of new tracks and shows in NY and elsewhere in the coming months.

Demo track of the week…by default

For this week, another new track we’re working on is tentatively called “Bad Friday”, though likely to get a different name when we’ve tidied it up. Still, figured I’d keep putting these tracks up as we put them together. And yes, that’s a drum machine for now, but hopefully soon we’ll record it in the studio with everyone.

[audio:|titles=Bad Friday (demo)|artists=stereo off]

And this is opposed to the better Fridays’ that usually come act as a day off, or even the movie (was it a trilogy?). In a past life, the logo from Stereo Off had an acting career. Here’s one of the cameo appearances it made, sitting besides Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.

Yeah I went there.

Interlude And An Instrumental

Working on new tracks. Here’s an instrumental cut of one of the songs being put together this month.

Passports, Campari, Instrumental… – [audio:|titles=Passports (instrumental demo)|artists=stereo off]

Top 10 Stereo’s Other Than Us

From switching the stereo off because we’re on stage, to perhaps having a “stereo off” of a duel with an arrogant car in the next lane, there’s plenty of ways to have your stereo. Anyway, the band name had me thinking, what are some of the other great “stereo’s”. So here’s a top 10 in no particular order.

1 – Pumping on Your Stereo by Supergrass – Classic Song.

2 – Stereo by Pavement – Classic band.

3 – Stereo Sanctity by Sonic South – A bit of one and two.

4 – Stereo MCs – Old school and still spinning.

5 – The Apples in Stereo – Reminders of vinyl, but of the mp3 era.

6 – Death by Stereo – Old movie quote from the 80’s classic Lost Boys, later a name of a hardcore band.

7 – Stereolab – London based band, electro indie before it was called it. Still playing today.

8 – Stereogum – Music blog around longer than the term “blog”, also covered a previous band I was in back in the days.

9 – Stereo by John Legend – Falls into the category of songs I never thought (or wanted to admit) I’d like, but I do (perhaps a separate top ten list).

10 – Stereo Off! – Yeah, ignore the title, its my list after all.

Any others we forgot? Let us know. But for now, that’s your ten!

Does Letterman even do top tens anymore?

Put that on your Letterman!